Sunday, January 13, 2008

Adventures, Frogs, Teepees

These are two captures from our photo adventure out today. I like the old church, and I think the shadow of the limbs adds a story to it. Most would say that it would be better if they were not there, but I liked it.

Braden and I went out for an adventure today, since Daddy was engrossed in the Cowboy game. We stopped by the local store and visited Gabriel and Ana. Braden had to give the quarter eating machine a go. That second photo is "Mommy, I need some more quarters, please!" As you can see, even Ana, the store owner, tried to help him out, but to no avail. The last photo is Ana's father-in-law he's so sweet, so Braden had to have a photo.

He also received this game for Christmas and we are just now getting to open it, it's very similiar to Hungry Hippos, but this is the knock-off Frog version. He just loved it. Can you tell?

This last little one is Colby, we opened another Christmas gift. It was his Teepee from his auntee. He loved it, and the static loved his hair too. That last shot is him telling me that he was done with my camera crap for the day. The teepee was closing, so get out :)

Hope you weekend was great. Too bad about those cowboys. My husband will be mourning for the rest of the week. Have a good week!!!

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