Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Calendar Update/Availability

I will be so glad to get the new site done, because it has a built-in calendar so all my clients can see exactly which dates are open and booked. As many of you know, I only work for now with available light. Therefore, I won't start booking weekday sessions until March when I will have a bit more light in the evening.

So for now, it's just Saturday and Sundays. Below are the dates that are booked. If you are interested in a session, please bear in mind that we booked about two-three weeks in advance. Thanks!

January - Booked FULL
Saturday 1/19/2008 - Preslee (One Year)
Sunday 1/20/2008 - Jeremiah and Aaliyah (Three Mths)
Saturday 1/26/2008 - Leti (One Year)
Sunday 1/27/2008 - Smith (pending) (Three Mths)

Saturday 2/2/2008 - Dixie (Two 1/2)
Sunday 2/3/2008 - Open
Saturday 2/9/2008 - Open
Sunday 2/10/2008 - Light Seminar-Tulsa
Saturday 2/16/2008 - Heavener Family
Sunday 2/17/2008 - Off
Saturday 2/23/2008 - Open
Sunday 2/24/2008- Open

March 3/8/2008 - Slatey (Six Mths)

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