Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mr Kaleb

This session was a lifestyle session. That's the type of session in the clients home capturing the way they live. This adorable little guy is Kaleb he was the focus of our session today. He wasn't too sure if he wanted to leave his grandma's lap or not, but he decided to give it a go.
Seriously, does this even look like his grandma? She could be his mommie instead. I love this photo of the two of them together. He's good great eye contact. The focus was a bit soft on it, but what grandma wouldn't love a photo like that.
For all of those babies under the age of one, Kaleb wanted me to let you know that this "picture taking stuff" really makes you thirsty, so make sure and bring your sippy cup. :) Thanks Josie, Kaleb is a doll. I will have your gallery up and ready, hopefully, by Monday! Have a good weekend.

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