Thursday, November 22, 2007

Owens Family

Let me first off say that these kids were on time and getting ready @ 8:50 AM this morning. As you can see these were outdoor photos and it was a chilly 37 degrees. They were total troppers.

This session is a surprise for their grandmother and they were awesome reminding each other that even though it's cold we are doing this for grandma. Ok kids, here's your sneak peek..
Melissa, Brandy, Michael, Christina, and Tiffany.

As you can see this family loves their sports. Spiro Highschool Cheerleader/College Band in Ada/Spiro Football, U of Tulsa Cheerleader/ Tulsa Fan.

Seriously, thanks for doing such an awesome job!

1 comment:

Sofia said...

wonderful job Dianna!!!
I love it...they will be so happy with the results and not telling about gramma!!