Monday, January 11, 2010

Change is good!

I thought I would let everyone know that on 1/31/2010 I will be closing my storefront in Poteau. I've had it for two years and really have only used it about a dozen times to shoot in it. I am going to move to a new home office we've been working on.

Since most of my work is done outdoors this won't really impact my ability to serve you in anyway.

In the meantime I am on the search for a great available light studio. I will still be doing business as normal. You can always see my work at or on the facebook fan page and my blog

This was a tough decision as it somewhat seems like a failure to close the storefront, but again I believe that it's the best to secure a building that meets the needs of where I want to take my photography in 2010 and the future.

Again, I hope to continue serving you in the same fine fashion as always. Thanks for everyone's continued support while we make this transition.

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