Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Ryan Family

We made the trek today to the Ross-Pendergrass park for their session. I am so loving this location.

A whomping family of six. These guys are amazing and their kids are so funny! We had some suckers on hand (whose not bribing the kids these days :) I mentioned that if we were really good and listened that we could have the suckers. One of girls said to me, " You must really want a sucker" --- so cute!

Anyway.. here's one of the whole gang..

Stuart, Leah, Ryan, Halie, Alissa, Seth and Jax...

Just the kiddos..

A few of mom and dad.. love this first one of them- say it with me.. Awhhh

and who could resist this shot..

or this one.. SERIOUSLY- can you say, "Christmas WINDOW"

Thanks Leah and Stuart!

Oh, just in case the family in New Zeland is checking in - HI guys-! International checked blog here at D Baker Photography (inside joke for Stu)

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