Sunday, September 07, 2008

Alissa R

This afternoon I met up with Ms Alissa, who recently met a major milestone by losing her two front teeth so mom scheduled a session to document the big change. These are the little things that you are going to want to remember. Thanks mom for entrusting me to capture these great shots.





oh, and her lil' brother Jax came along and I grabbed this shot of him. OMG- I love his eyes freckles.. SO CUTE!

Thanks Leah!!!


Leah Ryan said...

I LOVE LOVE the photos!! The first one a good one but love the black and white that shows the gums is my favorite!!!! Alissa loved her special day! Thank you for a great afternoon!!!!


Connie Rockwell said...

You have so captured their character and personality! They are friends of mine and these photos are wonderful!


Anonymous said...

I love these photos. She has the most expressive eyes ever!

Casey England said...

I love these pictures. I baby-sit these cute kids and you absolutely captured Alissa's personality and spirit. You did such an amazing job.

Anonymous said...

You have done an AMAZING job!!!! I have never seen such beautiful pictures that really capture the personality of the child.