Thursday, April 03, 2008

It's DONE, well sorta

Hey! My new website that I've been working on for like FOR EV ER is finally up and running. It's so cute, well if a website can be cute that is? Go over and take a look and let me know what ya think? I'm still loading more photos in all the galleries, but it's there.

Oh, if you had a gallery that you were still ordering from let me know and I will re-load on the new site.

This new site has lots of new features, like an updated schedule/calendar so you can see what openings I have.

It also will have a shopping cart where you can order you photos from the site and pay online. You still get them retouched and handled directly by me, but it will be easier if you wish to use it. I will still be doing my viewing sessions and taking orders at that time as well.

Feel free to come back here and send me some love if you like the new site!

Oh, remember this post

Baby Jacob Rafe arrived today @ 2:??PM. He weighed in @ 5lbs 3ounces. Check back tomorrow for some FRESH NEWLY HATCHED baby photos of the newest member of the Jerry family.

Til later,


Jamie B said...

Looks AWESOME!!! So exciting!! Congratulations on the launch!! :)

D Baker Photography said...

Thanks Ms Jamie. YOu've been a great help.