Friday, September 25, 2009

Arrr Matey / Stop in the Name of the LAW!

I was off work today, so I stayed home and hung out with two of my favorite and most annoying buddies. The lil' man keep saying, "Arrr matey." It was freaking hiliarious. So, I remember that we had a dress-up chest that we got last year at Sams. Low and behold, arrhh matey we had a pirate outfit. I still can't believe that he actually wore it. He's part of the anti-hat coalition. He's been a card carrying member since birth.
Photobucket Not sure that he realized that he didn't have this to his eye, but oh well right?Photobucket Sorry crop on my part, but he was waving his sword at this point... ARRR MATEY!!!Photobucket
It wasn't long before big bro wanted in on the action. He wanted to be a police officer. He is curious though. He asked, "Why do policeman drive at night?" Hmm... because there is crime at night!PhotobucketPhotobucket I
m not sure what we would have done with a little girl here today. It was BOY CENTRAL for sure.

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