Monday, January 19, 2009

Mini Session - UPDATED

9:30AM- Jolee
10 AM- Sarah
11 AM- Julie
11:30AM- Amanda
12:00PM- Tamra
12:30PM- Misty
1PM- Naomi
1:30- Open
2:00 Open
2:30 Open
3:00 Open

If you'd like to see all the card selections you can go to and click on the Featured Gallery!

We have others scheduled, but the times are pending so again if you want to come at certain time, please call-otherwise just come on in!

Also, here are a few card samples:
These sessions will take place at the studio-202 B Dewey Avenue-on high-key (really bright white) backgrounds.. so dress accordingly you know... fun bright colors etc. Feel free to bring any props along that you would like to incorporate into your session.


Note: Appointments not required, but recommended and fees are due at the time of the session.


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