Thursday, December 04, 2008

Gift Certificate Sale- Christmas Gift


Better late than never. I know that photography is not really a necessity and is considered as a luxury item, but those memories will last forever when captured in a photo.

We are offering an amazing deal for Gift Certificates again this year.

For every $25.00 spent, you will receive $10.00 free. For instance.. purchase a $100.00 gift card and receive $40.00 FREE! It's a great offer. These are great gift ideas for anyone in your family and your friends. This gift is something that they will always remember you for- they will see these photos for years and think of you ( yeah, I know, cheesy sales pitch :) but seriously it doesn't get much better than a gift like this.

This is also a great way for YOU to get free money that you can apply to a future print order. As most of you know FREE is good!

Small Print: Gift certificates are only going to be offered from 12/5/2008-12/19/2008. The gift certificate arrives to you via mail or you may p/u at the studio in Poteau, OK. We can also send the gift certificate via e-mail to you. This offer does not apply toward session fees, baby plan, or weddings. Gift certificates will expire 12/2009.

If you have any questions, please contact

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