Monday, July 14, 2008

#1 Photographer in Leflore County!!!!!

Ladies and Gentleman of the Academy- Oops wrong speech (saving that one for later :)

Just want to send a total shout out to all the readers of the

I was voted as the.. drumroll please.....


in the 2008 Reader's Choice Awards!

Seriously humbled. So cool- AWESOME!!

Thank you to all my clients who send in their ballots and voted. You guys all rock- Your the best!

If you are planning to book a session soon- mention the Reader's Choice Awards and I will throw in a great little surprise!

Oh, CONGRATS to a few of my clients that also won awards:
Cheryl - Tortoise and the Hair- Salon Award
Jolee- Traditions Health Care
Jay Sommers- Car Salesman

Again, thanks to everyone who took the time to vote!

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naomi said...

we all knew u were # 1 ne way