Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Just words today

Story as told to me by my mother (AKA - Nana)

Son: Nana, did you know that April 11th is April shower day?

Nana: Really, WOW! You are very very smart.

Son: Yep, Ms Ellison (Kindergarten teacher) told me.

Nana: WOW! She must be extra smart.

Son: Uh hu, she's in KINDERGARTEN!!!!

I thought that this story was so cute that I had to call Ms Ellison and tell her. She just laughed.

Ok, let me share my dinner story with you. MONEY SAVING MOM would be so proud.. I came home tonight just in time to realize that I didn't have anything to make for dinner. So, I raided all the leftovers in the fridge and added a few items from the pantry to come up with this recipe. Hold tight, because this is a good one.


leftover taco meat from Monday
green olives
No tomato sauce, so I used a jar of Prego with meat.
ready made crust in fridge.

All in all... it wasn't too bad. My husband even said so, then he said that he was starving so I guess he would have eaten it anyway :)

- Have a good night!


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naomi said...

that is funny.& clever idea w/ the leftovers.