Monday, January 28, 2008

Valentine Cards and Modems

Howdy all! Wow, what a day. We had 45 visitors today. That's a lot for this humble little photo blog. Thanks to all who have stopped in today. Feel free to stay a while and leave a comment or two on your favorite photos. I LOVE LOVE comments, good ones of course. :)


I will be posting some Valentine Card samples in the morning, so check back and see what you think. Any photo from any session can be used with these fabulous cards. I will post pricing information at that time as well.

Also, if you are waiting on your gallery... I have good and bad news. Good news first, I will have all of them completed by Friday. Bad news... My modem has appeared to have died an unforseen death, which means that it's taking me a bit longer to load galleries. I have back-up internet in the form of a wireless card, but it stinks for upload speed, and the other stinks at download speed. Thus, I have them both. So please pray to the modem gods that they are having a sale. :)

Til later, have a great night!

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