Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Baker Boys Hideout

We had an exciting labor day here at the Baker House. After much debate, we took the plunge and bought the boys a clubhouse/swingset. I have to admit I am just about as excited as the boys are. It's not completley finished yet, but here's the progress that we've made thus far. My in-laws came in to assist.

When we started looking at the instructions we had a good laugh. It stated that it would take two moderately skilled workers sixteen hours to complete. My husband commented that he must below the level of moderate, because it's still not done. HA HA

Even Granny got in on the action and helped put a coat of sealer on the INFAMOUS Baker Boy Hideout sign.
This is going to make a great spot for photos. I can't wait. We still have another day or week (ha) before it's completely done. Check back for more updates....

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