Saturday, August 25, 2007


Well, for those of you who've been asking... Here's my exciting news...

On Monday, August 27th (late in the day), my new flash programmed WEBSITE will launch. It is sooo cool. I have spent the last three months working on the little details.

It has so many awesome features. Let me tell you about a few... It has a client section that is password protected so only those who have your password will be able to see your session photos. It's has multiple galleries and the photos are super large so no more squinting to see those little icons. It's just awesome and I have a link that will take you directly to here THE DBAKER PHOTO BLOG.. for all the latest photos from my session.

I will continue to post all your session photos on the client galleries, but for those of you who like to just see new photos, remember to click the blog link to see my most recent work.

Also, after the site launches I will be having some awesome specials in honor of the new site....

Check back this weekend for a little "sneak" preview.

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